This page describes what is Sabana Project
A Sabana project is just a set of source files that are used to build a hardware image. Is what describes an image, and therefore the core of the Build process.
A typical Sabana project has the following structure:
Is the Sabana project file. It contains metadata about the project. It also contains the memory map for the interfaces.
This directory contains all the source files.
This directory contains a Python test script generated for convenience.
There is not a filelist as such in Sabana. When pushing an image to be built the tool will collect all the source files in the src directory and send them to the platform
The test directory is a good place to locate all your test files so that they can be easily managed using a test framework, like Pytest for example.

About source code

Your source code is stored in your local machine only.
When pushing source code to Sabana, the files are packaged and securely transmitted to the platform, but once the build process finishes these files are destroyed from the server.
This means that you need to have appropriate mechanisms in place to back it up, for example, by commiting it to your favorite code versioning system.