Sabana is the platform that lets you build, deploy, and run your specialized hardware in the cloud
Deploying with the Sabana CLI tool

  • Start building images from your hardware code instantly
  • Deploy images as cloud instances with a single command
  • Share your images with the rest of the world
“Think of Sabana as containers for the hardware world, where developers can package and deliver hardware just like they do software”

  • Write your hardware accelerator in your preferred language: Verilog or C++
  • Use our CLI to convert your code into images that can be shared with everyone
  • Deploy and run images as a cloud hardware instances using our Python SDK
  • Test your hardware with numpy arrays from day one!

The best way to learn about Sabana is to try it yourself, by building and deploying your own hardware. It’s free to get started and we will be here to make sure you get there in no time. After completing the following three steps, you will get an idea of what we are all about.
The Build, Deploy, Run guide gets you quickly started with the full development cycle in Sabana.
After completing it you will be able to dive down into more details in our Deploy With Sabana section where you will find more guides and examples.
In case you need specific information about a command or option check out our reference section.
For now, let's begin by downloading and installing the tools!
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